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Jonas Kasper Jensen Poster

Jonas Kasper Jensen Poster

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When you buy Jonas Kasper Jensen's poster, the proceeds go to ensure a dignified life for people on the run.

  • Choose between: 420 x 594 mm (A2) and 297 x 420 mm (A3)
  • 4-color offset printing
  • Frame not included

About Jonas Kasper Jensen:

Jonas Kasper Jensen is a Danish artist who works with new technologies. He is interested in the transition from the physical world to the digital world and investigates this phenomenon through NFTs, the world of fashion and artificial intelligence. Jonas has made this poster in collaboration with artificial intelligence. The subject is a person immersed in a sea of ​​colours. It is an alien world that appears both beautiful and dangerous at the same time.

“I took inspiration for the poster from my own experience of using the metaworld which is this new digital reality that is being established. For me, the metaworld reflects a big shift in our lives and many use it as an escape from the physical world to the digital world. I would like to describe that experience because I imagine that people on the run experience in the same way that their lives in the country they flee to change radically and become dangerously different, but hopefully also, if they get the right help, a world with new experiences and potentials.”

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