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Grandma Poster - Moon

Grandma Poster - Moon

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Mormor - whose civil name is Kristian Bruun Djurhuus - is a Danish artist whose artistic work is shaped by people and the spaces around him.

Mormor started his career at an early age on the streets of his hometown Aarhus. And today, many of his paintings and drawings can be seen on canvas or paper and are exhibited in Berlin, New York, Munich and Copenhagen.

Mormor also works with large murals, which are spread widely beyond public and private spaces, primarily in Denmark, but the works can be experienced throughout Northern Europe.

Grandma says about her work:
"Whether you are in Berlin, Beirut, Brussels or Ballerup, on a starry night you can see the moon hanging high in the night sky.

We all have the same access to the moon, whether we are at home, on the run or on the way to something new.

With the work, I wanted to zoom out a little, take a break and look down at the ground from the outside.

DRC works dedicatedly with a serious and important topic. Therefore, it took me half a year to find the right formula for the work here.

My focus has been on a large and open narrative - a work that is still relevant and classic in 5, 10 and 100 years.

My humble hope is that you hang the moon on your wall.”

Now you can buy this poster, which he designed for the benefit of DRC Danish Refugee Council. Together, we can lend a helping hand to people on the run and ensure they are protected from war, conflict and disasters.

  • Format: 420 x 594 mm (A2)
  • 4-color offset printing
  • Frame not included
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